Promptness: New Students should arrive 20 minutes before class begins. All other practitioners should arrive at least 10 minutes before class. Be mindful of any particular bad habits, if you find yourself often running late; try to make the proper adjustments. Please be respectful to your fellow practitioners who have already arrived by being on time.

Hydration: Please ensure that you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day and replacing the essential electrolytes lost while sweating during class. It is best to avoid alcohol the day before class.

Food: Ideally it is best not to eat 2 hours before class avoiding medication (unless necessary), caffeine, sugary foods and dairy. However, if you know that your body requires fuel before practicing, diligently replenish accordingly.

Hygiene: Come to class clean, specifically making sure your feet are clean and you are perfume free. Strong perfumes and body odors become more pronounced in the hot room, so you are always welcome to take a shower before class if you need one.

Tidiness: Please leave shoes and ego at the front door.

Responsibility: Every practitioner must check in with the receptionist at the front desk immediately upon arrival. Please silence your cell phone upon arrival.


Your Mat: Be mindful to check behind you and make sure you are not directly in front of someone. You practice on your mat for the entire class.

Water Bottles: Lay water bottles flat on the ground to give those behind you a better view from the floor. All bottles should be placed on the left corner of the mat.

Belongings: In the yoga room: mat, towel, water and a positive attitude.  NO shoes, bags, cell phones, pagers, watch with beeping sounds, chewing gum allowed in the yoga room.

Community:  This is a 90 minute personal and communal meditation.  Please keep with the pace and flow and do your best to simply follow the Dialogue.  The energy that you project in class, whether you are aware of it or not, affects the whole room.  Focusing and building postures together makes for a more energized experience.

Respectfulness:  There should be silence during the beginning savasana.  Practice stillness between postures.  Please do not talk during the class and stay in the room!  If an emergency requires you to leave the room, you should leave and re-enter the room between postures.

Courtesy:  Everyone is welcome to bring water into class.  The teacher will indicate the points in which it is ideal to drink.   Keep in mind that you should be properly hydrated before you get to class. Hand towels are optional. They may be used to dry hands to help with your grip but please refrain from wiping your sweat during class.

Meditation: Focus only on yourself in the mirror. Looking around the room and fidgeting are distractions.


Respectfulness: Final Savasana should be held for a minimum of 2 minutes. However, you may stay as long as needed.  Observe silence and leave the room quietly.

Mats: Please return rental mats. You need to clean your personal mat after each class in order to stay healthy, preserve your mat and keep the studio smelling clean.

Showers: Please be considerate of those waiting in line for showers.  The showers should be kept clean by quickly rinsing all soap and product residue off the shower surface as well as cleaning up any hair from the drain.

Practice: Please attempt to practice a minimum of 3 times a week to receive maximum benefits from the practice.