Rajashree’s Gentle Yoga series was developed for pregnant women to practice a gentler yoga series in a warm space, not a hot room. The pregnancy series was designed by Rajashree Choudhury to prepare the expectant mother and baby for ideal delivery. In addition a daily yoga practice is highly recommended as it provides improved cardiovascular conditioning as well as muscle strength.

Rajashree’s Gentle Yoga class was designed for pregnant women, but is suitable for many types of yoga practitioners:

• Pregnant women after their first trimester

• Brand new beginner Bikram Yoga students who have tried the hot series and found it too challenging / too long

• Bikram Yoga students with serious back or neck injuries

• Any students rehabilitating injuries or with chronic conditions looking for a gentler yoga series

• Any student who does not tolerate heat

Please contact us for further information: 610-317-9642